1 For ADIDRAVIDA Students
(includes converts to Christianity)
Government of India higher Education scholarship Rs 2,50,000 1)Maintenance allowance special fees Examination fees

2)Maintenance fees, special fees Examination fees

3) Special fees, Exam fees

College Principal
2 Gandhi Memorial Educational Assistance Scheme Rs 15,000 DCE decides on the basis of marks DCE
3 Special qualification subsidy assistance amount NO Scoring marks in the degree course at the first attempt. The student gets Rs 300, irrespective of age, religion and there is no age limit. Even if he or she is recipient of any other scholarship the prize is given. DCE
4 For BC,DNC and MBC Students National scholarship scheme Rs 12,000 Should have obtained more than 60% in higher secondary course. The Scholarship is based on merit.Hostellers and day scholar’sscholarship based on their needs. DCE
5 - National Loan scholarship scheme - For those students who obtain 50% the scholarship is given based on merit and means Rs 720 per year. DCE
6 For BC, DNC and MBC Students State Government Merit scholarship Rs 12,000 DCE selects the students based on the HSC marks. DCE
7 Children of school Teachers are awarded scholarships Those who are notrecipient of any other scholarship Rs 12,000 DCE selects the students based on the HSC marks. DCE
8 Children of Defence Service personal Those in service/Killed in action /wounded / lost defence personal Rs12,000

No income limit

Exempted from paying tuition fees, special fees. Concession given for Hostel fees. DCE
9 For the Children of government servants For those state government servants who died during their service No income limit Payment of tuition fees, special fees is exempt till the completion or degree course. Concession is given for Hostel fees. The Respective department to which the government servants belong to in the secretariat
10 Freedom Fighters scholarship Students whose parents have participated in the emancipation of India for freedomScholarship awarded by the State Government Rs 6000 Hostel expanses, book expenses and tuition fees concession. DCE
11 Children of Repatriates from Sri Lanka For those children, whose parents camefrom Sri Lanka after 1-11-64.Scholarship awarded by the State Government RS 6000 Tuition fees and concession for books for 10 months an amount is given for Hostel expanses. Day scholars are given educational fees. DCE
12 Children of Repatriates from Burma For the Burma refuges who came to India on 1.6.63 or after that grant by the State Government. Rs.6000/- Book concession is given. This scholarship is given to those who got 50% marks in school final exams and they should not be recipients of other scholarship DCE
13 Exclusively women EVR Nagammai memorial tution fees concession Rs. 12000/- Meant for women of all caste.Rs.300 per year is given. If the studies are discontinued, the scholarship money should be refunded. This is meant for those who are not recipients of other scholarship. DCE
14 Tamil medium fund To motivate the students to learn the subject in Tamil No Income Limit Rs.400 is awarded every year. The recipient study in Tamil and write the exam only in Tamil. DCE
15 For BC,DNC and MBC Students Under TamilNadu education rule 92,tuition fee concession are given.
Students should have obtained 75% of attendance in the previous academic year.


Rs. 1,00,000/-

Tuition fee, special fees and examination fee concession. Those who fall belong income limit will also get book grant along with other benefit.

Book grant, special fees

16 BC First generation graduate in the family. Physically disabled welfare assistance amount Rs.1,00,000/- Tuition fee, special fees and examination fees. There should be no graduate in the family. Certificate of proof from tahsildar is necessary. If there is a break in studies the total amount taken should be refund. Principal
17 For Physically Challenged Central Government Labour Welfare Scheme. Rs 15, 000/- Assistance of Rs.1.125/- DCE
18 Children of Beedi labours - Rs.42,000/- Rs.1125/- for each academic year continuing studies DCE